Design Engineer

Design Engineering is for people who want a career in engineering, are good at problem solving and creating new ideas. 

Qualifications and Requirements:

For this role you would need a foundation degree, HNC/HND or degree. You would also need skills like being able to use computer aided design softwares and to be able to combine engineering and designing principles.

Job Description:

Design engineering is the research and development of ideas for products and the systems that are used in the making process, and also improving on existing products. Some general duties involving looking at the products and developing ideas based on the usability, safety, strength, efficiency, cost, maintenance and life span.

Careers and Prospects:

There are many job prospects for Design Engineers. Some of these opportunities can be found in the industries of: construction and building services; electronics and consumer goods manufacturing; shipbuilding, aerospace, railways and motor vehicles; generation of power and more.


Design Engineering salaries range depending on the position and how much experience they have from graduate levels to senior experience as annual start out salaries range around £22,000 - £25,000 while experienced professionals can earn around £26,000 - £50,000 or possibly more.

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