Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a job that would fit those who are interested in the designing of buildings and could plan, design and manage a variety of construction projects.

Qualifications and Requirements:

You would need to complete a degree or postgraduate master's degree in civil engineering for a career in this sector. It is essential that you have excellent maths and IT skills.

Job Description:

It is the planning, designing and management of a variety of construction projects. Some general duties are: preparing bids for tenders, and reporting to clients; assessing environmental impact and risks; creating blueprints using computer aided design; and much more.

Careers and Placements:

For civil engineers there are many career prospects. You can work in the structural industry involving dams, buildings, platforms and pipelines; in transportation regarding roads, railways, canals and airports; in environment producing water supply networks, drain and flood barriers; or in geotechnical involving mining, earthworks and construction.


Civil Engineering salaries range depending on the position and how much experience they have from graduate levels to senior experience as annual start out salaries range around £17,000 - £25,000 while experienced professionals can earn around £40,000 - £80,000.

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