Chemical Engineering

The role of a chemical engineer is perfect for those who are interested in chemistry and enjoy solving problems.

Qualifications and Requirements: 

You would usually need an accredited BEng degree in chemical or process engineering in order to pursue a chemical engineering career. You must have a good knowledge of maths and science, and good management skills.

Job Description:

It is the research and design of machinery and processes that would be used to turn raw materials into products such as fuel, plastic and food. Some general duties are: working with process chemists and control engineers; designing plant and equipment outline; developing ways to deal with waste materials safely; and using computer models to work out the safest and most cost-effective methods.

Careers and Prospects:

For chemical engineers, there are many job prospects. Some of these jobs are included in the fields of the: biotechnology industry; chemical and allied products industry; energy industry; food and drink industry; oil and gas industry; pharmaceutical industry; and many more.


Chemical Engineering salaries range depending on the position and how much experience they have from graduate levels to senior experience as graduate salaries start around £28,000 annually, while more experienced professionals can earn on average around £53,000/£60,000 or more.

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