Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering is perfect for those who are passionate about cars and have great maths and IT skills. 

Qualifications and Requirements:

It would be preferred if you have an engineering-related qualification for this role and previous experience in motor mechanics would be advantageous for those looking for work in this sector.

Job Description:

It is the design, manufacture and operation of grounded vehicles like automobiles, motorbikes, buses and trucks. An automotive engineer's job description is that they generally work in areas concerning the design, research and development, and the production of these motor vehicles. Some general duties are: designing and producing interpretations of automobiles and their components; deciding on the best materials for production; building prototypes; developing and conducting tests; investigating mechanical failures; and much more.

Careers and Prospects:

For automotive engineers, there are many job prospects. Possible employers include: Jaguar; Land Rover; Aston Martin; Honda; Toyota; Nissan; Bentley; and BMW for conducting designs and manufacturing work.


Automotive Engineer's salaries range depending on the position and how much experience they have from graduate levels to senior experience as annual start out salaries range around £20,000 - £24,000 while experienced professionals can earn around £25,000 - £50,000 or over.

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