Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is perfect for those who are passionate about aircraft and spacecraft and its development.

Qualifications and Requirements:

For this job you would need a completed HND, degree or postgraduate award in a relevant subject. You will also need to have excellent maths skills and the ability to solve problems.

Job Description:

It is the designing, building and maintaining of an aircraft and the parts that go into them. Some general duties are: researching ways to make fuel-efficient parts; carrying out ground and flight-testing on prototypes; and analysing test data.

Careers and Prospects:

For Aerospace Engineers there are many job prospects including working for industry giants like Boeing, Airbus and MOD.


Aerospace Engineering salaries range depending on the position and how much experience they have from graduate levels to senior experience as annual start out salaries range around £20,000 - £26,000 while experienced professionals can earn around £28,000 - £65,000 or possibly more.

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